"Our Promise"

Doggie Surfing

Prior to Raymond and Jonathan's visit, we went with Gen to one of the local annually held Dog surfing competition held at Imperial Beach, organized by Loews Coronado Hotel.

Here are some pictures of the day. Pretty much dogs staying afloat and stable on surf boards and happy owners. Was a gloomy day and pretty chilly. Had to wade into the water to get some shots.

The crowd there to support!

Us with Albus (taken by Gen)
"Our Promise"

Jonathan's arrival and a hectic 2 short days

Jonathan came over only for a weekend from his busy postdoc schedule. Arrived friday midnight and left that sunday evening. So we planned a series of event (Watch Transformer IMAX (request by Raymond), Wild Animal Park visit, Las Americas outlet shopping, Seal watching at La Jolla Cove etc) Going to disneyland was too hectic and far though.....

So off we went the next morning to watch Transformer IMAX at Edwards Theater at Mira Mesa Blvd. The theater was huge!

Tickets were sold out for the time slot we wanted to catch!!!!! Hence we bought tickets for the late night show....we arrived an hour prior to that and there was already a queue (line) for that show! And we ended up only getting to the 2nd row of seats from the IMAX theater which is bad not only due to aching necks, but also, that the sound effects are supposedly louder and packs more punch....ah well.....the show is pretty good.

So, after buying tickets, we decided to head up to Wild Animal Park (WAP), which is hopefully better then the San Diego zoo.
Prior to that, a pair of lovers decided to pose for me. hahahahaha

And prior to WAP, we actually went to Scripps Research Institute and SALK institute because aspiring scientists, Jonathan and Lukman (a Singaporean doing her PhD at Cambridge came here for an exchange and joined us the two days) wanted to breathe in some research air.

Look at how happy Jonathan is at TSRI

Jonathan at Torrey Pines Gliderport launch area (near SALK institute). and thats Lukman to the left of the frame and a glider at the top right hand of the frame

Unfortunately, SALK was locked from ALL angles...we can only take some memorial shots (although I have been in there for a conference).

Jon and Ray

Ray, Geraldine, Lukman, Jon

The above two pictures of SALK faces the ocean...symmetrically built and nice.

Then we went to WAP!!!! such a long detour.

Getting busy orientating ourselves at the gate of WAP!

Tripod mounted portrait (Raymond helped me bring my trusty tripod)

Finally can capture all of us in one frame (with tripod, tonnes of people looking at us and a slow self timer hahaha). People were looking at us as that is a MUST photo place with WAP in words and hence a BEEN THERE, DONE THAT kind of thing.

Lukman, Jon, Geraldine, Me, Raymond

Three Musketeers! (We known each other for ages, since our polytechnic and uni days....think probably, 13-14 years now)



We went for a ride around the park and it was a wondrous experience...should go there again one day
After that, we had food

Jonathan, next time you become PI, can use this photo. hahaha

Other captures

A View of the Park @ Sunset

The next day, we did nothing much except go to La Jolla Cove to see perhaps the Last of the seals as they are being chased out due to a new law passed down recently.....and also to Las Americas Premium outlet where the security guards pretty much forbid photography.

Jon, Raymond, Geraldine, Me (taken by Lukman on my camera)

Everyone bought something...and we sent Jon to the airport for his departure to Boston.
"Our Promise"

Raymond and Jonathan's visit June-July 2009

Raymond flew in from Singapore for a conference in Anaheim (where disneyland is) whilst Jonathan took time off his schedule to fly in from Boston for a very short getaway.

Before that, here is a picture of our proud freezer with all the haagen Daaz ice cream. hahaha

After Raymond's conference ended, we went to pick him up from Anaheim (about 1.3hr away from San Diego where we stay) to our place. Also, we are scheduled to pick up Jonathan on the same day from San Diego airport. So, we still decided to go to California Adventure park disneyland for a day. Bought an Summer pass worth $99 bucks for 3 days worth of fun. Eventually, Geraldine and I did top up for an annual pass as advertised behind her here

Here is proof of us at the place. hahaha Thanks Raymond for the picture, entrance of Disneyland California Adventure Park

Wonderful clouds I was wondering when it was a scorching cloudless day during my drive there???

Geraldine videoflashing (yah, no tapes nowadays, our canon fs-11 has 16gb worth of flash memory and takes SD card for lunch) the fake high painted wall of clouds that merge pretty seamlessly into the skies that day.

We met Goofy, a character that we kept meeting later on (more in the later posts).

Raymond and Goofy having a goofy good time.

Geraldine had fun too

We had a Goofy Hug

One of the exhilarating (pretty scary) ride at the park, Tower of Terror!

Thats evidence the three of us were there! (middle row, right of picture. Me looking dont know where)

Sometimes, its a BUG's life afterall

Wonder how Tower of Terror looks like to a bug

We were transformed into bugs in Its a bugs life.

After that, we went swimming and was caught....hahaha

Pacific Wharf Star Fish

We went for the ferris wheel. and chose the non-scary version (not much rolling around type aka Pirate's boat kind)

Thats Donald's Carriage.

After the ride, whilst waiting for Raymond, who took the rolling carriage.... =p

Raymond must have puked out the IHOP lunch we had and hence craved for a Turkey Leg! (just joking on the puking part)

Recycling is a good merit

That blue monkey was won by me! in a basketball shooting stand. Could have made another shot and got two monkeys...not a difficult game to play for me. haha

Staircase fun

More to update from later. The rest of the the day was spent enjoying rides, watching 3D shows and then rushing back to pick Jonathan at San Diego.
"Our Promise"

Its been awhile (since April 2008)

Been pretty much "a while" since I have updated this photo blog thingy.

Some random photos to warm up my posting.

Here is Blouie looking very very "sian" -aka moody during Easter!

Doing his main job (part time job includes disturbing Albus, cleaning himself and pooing"

In the month of Jun, the poor boy did have a relapse of his Urinary Tract Blockage problem. That is a huge problem for cats. FLUTD (Feline lower urinary tract disorder) that is fatal. So for those that happen to chance upon this blog and have a cat, please take note not to feed them supermarket petfood - meaning, anything that you can buy from a HUMAN supermarket (pretty obvious that they dont specialise in pet food). This is because, it is high in some component that can cause crystallization the the urethra of cats and affects mainly Male cats (with exceptions).
Luckily, he recovered with some hefty vet fees here in San Diego.
Here is him then.

He is much better now! with prescription diet making him grow fat due to high fat content to nullify the acidity of the food (acid helps to break down the crystals (crystals causes injury to urethra wall and allow bacterial infection to occur as well)).

More photos of Blouie to come.
"Our Promise"

Wakeboarding @ Mission Beach

Last weekend, we had fun trying out Wakeboarding @ Mission Beach for the first time in our life. Interestingly, it looks easy but then again, it really isnt that easy at all to ride the waves! Repeated attempts to try to squat or stand up with the fast craft pulling is not a joke at all. The fall is often pretty painful and stressful as you feel restrained by the board holding you...trying to turn over when u fall face down is a pretty difficult and tiring task...Essentially, the day after is filled with muscle aches! hehe.

Well, here are the pictures.

Before the thing. Luckily they had wet suits for our use as the water was chilly even with the wet suits on!

This is the mission bay aquatic center with students handling all the transactions.

Looking all professional....but really lousy at it. haha.

The few of the fellow Singaporeans doing the act together

Time off from the briefing for a photo.

Us on the Boat!

Start of Wakeboarding!

Falling over?


A Big One of the Success!

Act cool

Enjoying after the session

Have a good week ahead!

"Our Promise"

Day Trip to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is 2 hours north of San Diego. Last week, we made a weekend day trip to LA, for the purpose of eating Beancurd @ Yong He Tou Chiang! as well as exploring Chinatown, which is reputed second to the Ctown @ San Francisco.

Began our journey pretty late in the day after I had a series of fun with a lady......bug.

Off we go! After a long jam at the Interstate 5 highway.....we finally reach our destination @ San Gabriel's Yong He Tou Chiang restaurant.

Thats Leslie & Ruoyi, fellow Singaporean friends @ San Diego.

Food glorius food

Smelly Beancurd

Tou Hua

After that, we proceeded to Chinatown. Pretty much nothing much...except we had great company. It was just lines of shop houses and a lane selling stuffs just like Bugis Street in Singapore!

Scary signboard...found outside the famous shop where Jackie Chan made this movie and he went into a Foo Chow Fishball restaurant or something like that....forgot the title.

This accidental picture caught most people of our entourage there except Danwei, Gen and his gf, Vera.

This is the Bugis junction lookalike street..Geraldine wanted to buy some bells.

Thanks to Danwei for taking this nice picture for us...been awhile since we had our picture taken instead of doing the "hand stretch self portrait"

This is the males of the tour group. =p

Gen, James, me, Danwei and Leslie in Blur Mode.

Guess what we saw...but did not eat along the Chinatown streets

Decided to make our way to Little Japan in LA which is just a few streets away.
That is her greatest impersonation of the Zao Cai Mao

Ice cream siaos

Supermarket siao.

Hello Kitty Siaos

Hello Kitty Siao wannabe

Pretty much night fall the pretty LA.

Seeing dizziness

Dear Geraldine

We ended the day with a meal @ little Japan @ this shop known as Sushi&Teri...this is one of their rolls...a caterpillar! pretty good looking yah.

Till next time!

Take care!
"Our Promise"

First Visit to A Desert State Park - Anza Borrego

Had a trip to Anza Borrego during this flowering season. It was a two hour trip to and another two back. What is good about the trip to and fro is the scenic view along Ramona and Julian. However, besides being a long and winding route, it also brings us through "ups and downs" through various mountains.

It was a scorching day...end of winter.. =p We walked through from the visitor center to Palm Canyon trail..was supposedly a must go trail, but both of us felt it was not that fantastic. Flowers are not fantastic here in this part I guess. Nevertheless, here are some pictures.

Remember this Palm tree.....

Provides lots of shade in the otherwise BARE desert...now, I understand what it feels to be trapped in the middle of the desert with no water and worst still, if you have no hat...

Ambassador for Nikkor Lens. =p She was just holding on the the lens.

What is she looking at?

This perhaps

Or this?

Maybe not, she was looking for her?????

Roti. =p

Palm Canyon trail this way....seriously, we were almost half dead when we started this trail as the walk from the visitor center to the trail was not as near as expected.....

Remember to bring more water!

So you can look fresh!

Lets start the trail! a seriously tiring one as we lost our way several times...and there were no shade...

I was looking for something...

An NTUC plastic bag...hehee actually a place to place my camera bag which will act as a support since I dont have my tripod here and its sandy everywhere....

Putting the NTUC in US grounds...=p

Wanted to take this (wanted a wider shot but the horizon was slanted as the camera was slanted...so got to crop)

Some views around..

Some macros along the way.

We reach the top of Palm Canyon finally...nothing fancy, just a bunch of palms and an oasis like area right at the top...very cooling shade though.

whilst climbing, it was all rocks..

Finally we are here.

Look at the scale of things here...and the palm in the first post...should not have climb all the way up to see this. hahaa.

We had a great time anyway...=) Enjoy!

"Our Promise"

Happy 6th Birthday Albus Boy

Albus celebrated his birthday on the 22nd March 2009 (1st out of Singapore Birthday). Happy Birthday our darling boy.

He has been such an obedient boy all these years.

Here are some pictures of us with him.

"Our Promise"

One week after Birch - Albus finally had his first grooming here

Yeah....managed to get to the shop earlier then the booked time and got Albus's messiness sort out. The shop is City Dog @ Park Boulevard, downtown San Diego. The groomer Lindsey did a pretty good job on him.

Cannot resist the urge to photograph the handsome Albus. =)

One step forward!

Walking @ the dog park

Running freely


Acting cute (probably tired after the repeated attempts to run and shoot him.

Am really amazed by the Tamron 90mm f2.8Di macro lens. The above was taken by this capable lens...Albeit the extension of the lens barrel to almost 1.8X its original length during close focusing, the lens is really sharp and gives a nice smooth bokeh...surprising me always. Besides its functionality as a macro speciality lens, it also can double up as a nice portrait lens. With Digital, its a 135mm f2.8 lens! It is so sharp and renders background so smoothly (think its better then the 50mm f1.8 I have now...Will use this more often.

And more of the macros I took along the way that day.


Bunch of goodies

Strong I stand

Have a good time! Will update on our "enjoyable" visit to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park once the pictures are ready.....
"Our Promise"

A day after the Zoo...Birch Aquarium

This was a surprise visit. Reason being, the day (March 8 2009, Sunday) itself, we were meant to bring Albus for his first grooming over here in San Diego. We were abit lost on our way to the place and was "slightly" late. The shop called and told us they cannot take Albus since we are already late for an hour...I was like, looking at my watch, we are only late 1 min?!?.....After that, I slumped back on the car seat and went...Oh My God, Its daylight savings again! ........So...we made our way back, and decided to go to Birch Aqaurium.

A huge display....Fish Watching or Silhoutte watching?

She has to get to the glass...and maybe after looking at these fishes, begin to pout her mouth like one?

Something like the below?

We were walking the wrong way...and this gave us direction...........

Just joking

This jellyfish we saw looked like the drink character Qoo...

Marine Luo Han? hehe

Some fishes like to be seen

Some prefer to hide (see if you can find them) like a chameleon

The last one above is a sea dragon...and mine...it merges well with the leaves in the sea.

To have some been here done that...


Enjoy and see you guys soon